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Bonito: the perfect meaning for a perfect destination

Bonito: the perfect meaning for a perfect destination

Bonito: the perfect meaning for a perfect destination

Bonito: the perfect meaning for a perfect destination

Bonito in Portuguese means beautiful. And that is exactly what this city in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, is. Several NGOs and companies work together to promote sustainable tourism and preservation of biodiversity.

            Internationally recognized for being a world ecotourism hub, its region has many attractions ranging from natural landscapes, fantastic dives in clear waters, visits to caves and crystalline waterfalls and ecological trekking.

            Bonito is part of the tourist guide of the Serra da Bodoquena National Park – a 76,400 hectare area (223 times larger than Central Park NYC) managed by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation – next to Jardim, Guia Lopes da Laguna and Bodoquena. Located 300 kilometers from Campo Grande, capital of Mato Grosso do Sul, the city has about 40 attractions and in 2013 received the award for best responsible tourism destination in the world, the World Responsible Tourism Awards, at the World Travel Market London. One of the most interesting attractions is Gruta do Lago Azul (Blue Lake Cave), recognized by the Institute of National Historical and Artistic Heritage (Iphan). Prehistoric animal fossils have been identified at the bottom of this lake.

            “The pristine waters around Bonito in the Brazil state of Mato Grosso do Sul are being well-protected thanks to a public-private partnership following standards for visitor management”, said Randy Durband, chief executive of the Global Council on Sustainable Tourism, in The New York Times.

            In addition to unforgettable walks and culture exchange in one of the most pleasant places to be in the country, its cuisine shows the value and richness of Brazilian food. According to Bonito Convention & Visitors Bureau, responsible for tourism management in the region, the average annual temperature is 77oF, a pleasant holiday climate. The city is about 315 meters above sea level and its summers are hot and rainy (mainly between October and March) and dry winters with temperatures that can reach 41oF, especially between May and August.

10 reasons to visit Bonito

1. Responsible and sustainable ecotourism.

2. Natural landscapes for contemplation.

3. The Formoso River has a scenic beauty.

4. Floating in crystalline freshwater.

5. Cave with one of the largest cavities on the planet.

6. It’s near the Pantanal.

7. Complete scripts for all audiences.

8. Exotic foods typical of the region.

9. Know a little about the history of Brazil.

10. Rest in a setting worthy of contemplation.